Wistia’s Brendan Schwartz Explains How to Create Your First Video

The world of video marketing is hopping.

We’ve got live streaming in full swing, and now virtual reality and augmented reality experiences are starting to work their way into everyday life and business, too. If your brand has yet to use video in your own marketing, you might feel like, well… like you’re a bit behind.

But maybe there’s a reason for that. More often than not, businesses can feel overwhelmed with just the idea of creating video content. If this sounds like your brand, Brendan Schwartz, Co-Founder and CTO of video hosting platform Wistia, is here to help.

Schwartz’s Tips for Simple Video Creation

In an email, I asked Schwartz what the first step businesses should take when looking to create video, and here’s what he had to say:

Start small, and whatever you do, do not make a video for your homepage! The bar is too high. You’ll end up cramming way to much into it because you don’t want to leave anything out.”

Instead, Schwartz recommended starting with “a single, really focused video” because not only will it be easier to make, but also “its impact will be clear and measurable.” He provided the following questions brands can ask themselves to better pinpoint what that single, focused video should be about:

  • What’s one question you answer almost every day?
  • What’s a common point of confusion about your business?
  • What’s one friction point for your customers or users?
  • What’s an internal process you could explain better?

Schwartz also noted how brands need to remember “the best camera is the camera you already have.” “You don’t need an expensive DSLR and a studio to make a video for your business — you can use your phone!,” he explained. “It’s easier than you might think to shoot professional-looking video with your iPhone or Android.” (Here’s Wistia’s guide on how to do just that: https://wistia.com/library/shooting-video-with-an-iphone).

More Tips from Schwartz on My Forbes Blog

With Brendan being the long-time expert he is in the world of video, I ended up asking him more questions about just how important it will be for brands to get on the video train in 2017, how they can measure the results of that video, and why it’s important to look outside just YouTube when hosting content. Click here to read the rest of my interview with him on my Forbes blog.

Want to get started on your own video goals for this year? Make sure you contact me about any video content marketing needs you might have, like educational, landing page, or email clips to help wow your customers!

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