Bree-Brouwer-Freelance-Writer-Copywriter-BloggerI’m Bree. I help brands improve their reach, authority, and bottom line. Think of me as your go-to gal for B2B content like web copy, white papers, case studies, blog posts, video scripts, and other custom content marketing you might need.

My specialties lie in anything tech- and video-related: YouTube, online video, video marketing, digital media, streaming media, influencer marketing, and video/entertainment technology. I've also covered topics like video games, social media, and augmented and virtual reality.

I’ve been blogging and social media-ing for over 10 years, starting with MySpace and Facebook. I’ve also been a journalist for over eight years, and I've worked with three different digital marketing agencies, researching and writing for their clients' needs. The best part? I’m a big girl (aka pro businesswoman), which means you don’t have to hold my hand or goad me on to meet your deadlines. No foolin’ around here.

The Full Story

There is more to me than I’ve let on, in case you thought I was getting dangerously close to lots of business-speak (shit, I really was). These past experiences turned me into the pro I am today:

  • Served as a writer, proofreader, and eventually editor of my college’s student newspaper
  • Attended Oxford University for a study-abroad term
  • Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English Writing and electives in journalism and digital media
  • Produced three award-winning short films for a Midwest 48-hour film challenge
  • Interned as a PR/marketing assistant for a published author and Hollywood screenwriting consultant
  • Worked as both a high school English teacher and an assistant adjunct English professor
  • Started my freelance writing and blogging business in 2012
  • Became a digital media journalist at Tubefilter in 2014, an experience which helped me learn about the online video industry first-hand
  • Was selected to be a nominating judge for the 2016 Shorty Awards
  • Became a Forbes contributor in February 2016

On a more personal note, I’m an approachable geek who helps other entrepreneurs build online businesses through my blog Geek & Prosper. In my spare time, I view quite a lot of YouTube videos, enjoy philosophical discussions with friends, “pwn” n00bs in video games, frequent the awesome craft breweries in the Phoenix area with my husband, and watch movies/TV while cuddling with our adopted alley cat Mango and 4-month-old standard poodle Femke. I’m an Anglophile who’s nearly 90% Dutch. I’m not a Cylon. Seriously.

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